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    Become the Heroine of your own Life Story. I can give you the tools you need to transform your life--physically, mentally, and spiritually.

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    Now that you've made the decision to transform your life, let's get started! Once I get your contact information, I'll respond as soon as possible to schedule your free discovery call.  To prepare for the introductory consultation, take a few minutes and write down the areas you'd like to work on.  Be as specific as possible.  Remember, any time you work with me, you are in a No Judgment Zone, so be honest. Plan to share exactly what you think, feel, worry about, etc.  You don't have to "pretty it up." Be real.

    In this call I will also reveal my life philosophy, how I work.  Before you commit to coaching, we both want to know that we are a good fit. Feel free to ask any questions you have about me, the coaching process, yoga, anything. There are no dumb questions.

    Let yourself feel the excitement that comes from committing to growth and real change. Being the heroine of your own life is the best choice you can ever make. Let the adventures begin!

    Strength and grace to you,