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  •  I am living proof that you can transform your life. At 58, I am healthier, happier, and more optimistic about my future than ever before. Instead of sitting on the sidelines, I’m living as the heroine of my own life story. Instead of just enduring in quiet desperation, getting older every day, I’m embracing life with strength and grace.

    Twenty years ago I could never have imagined myself as I am now. My life wasn’t terrible—I was married to my childhood sweetheart and had three beautiful children. But I ignored my soul’s continuing whispers of You were meant to do more, and You should go back to school, because I believed that I couldn’t, that any other life was impossible for me as a wife and mother, especially one in her late thirties. I kept ignoring the yearnings of my soul until I received the proverbial brick to the head, the wake-up call I couldn’t ignore, a catastrophic life event that made me reevaluate everything.

    Even though it was the most frightening decision I’d ever made, I went back to school. Everyone in the family made sacrifices. I drove many miles, studied endlessly, lost hours of sleep. It was hard. Very hard. But it was also exhilarating! More and more, I was able to ignore the voice of fear . . . you’re not allowed . . . who do you think you are? . . . and embrace the call of my soul, the call to live life fully.

    Within a ten-year span I earned a Bachelors degree, a Masters, and a PhD. Our family moved from the small town we’d lived in all our lives, and we all navigated difficult transitions. I went from stay-at-home mom to college professor.

    I enjoy my work as an English professor. I’m a Jane Austen scholar, having presented several times at the international JASNA conference and published multiple essays in Persuasions: The Jane Austen Journal. I have taught all the English gen eds, upper-level classes in British Literature, British and American novels, Women’s Literature, Business Communication, and Honors Critical Thinking classes. I've mentored students and also learned from them. I’m a teacher at heart.

    But beyond my calling as a teacher, I’m a lifelong learner. My formal education was only the beginning. It cracked me open, brought into question old beliefs, gave me new potentials and possibilities to explore. I could no longer live under a cloud of shoulds and oughts, no longer conform to belief systems enforced by some outside authority, no longer ignore the next step, my soul’s longing for authenticity and personal integrity. I read voraciously—the sacred texts of the world, the saints and mystics, the yogis and the philosophers, the wisdom teachers. I opened my heart to Spirit, to change and growth. I took risks and spoke my truth. I made hard career decisions. I leapt and trusted Life to catch me.

    I traveled to San Diego and earned a Life Coach certification. I studied Reiki and became a Level II practitioner. After years of personal practice, this summer I enrolled in a training intensive and am now a Yoga Instructor (RYT 200). Over the last twenty years, everything in my life has transformed—my body, my mind, and my spirit. And I’m just getting started! I’m committed to this journey, and I’m ready for the next grand adventure.


  • My Mission

    My Mission is to live every day with strength and grace, to share what I've learned along the way, and to support others in their own personal transformation.

    Inspiring Intentional Transformation




  • Client Testimonials

    "Through her gentle and caring approach, Dr. Eddleman helped me develop a plan of action to achieve spiritual and personal life goals. She initially asked probing questions so that I could discover and articulate my purpose and ambitions. Providing a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere, she listened thoughtfully and without judgment as she guided me to what I truly wanted to accomplish. But more than this, she assisted me in seeing that the goals I had only dreamed of could indeed become a reality and that I only needed a plan of action. Each week, she gave me 'homework' to do so that I could realize that my goals are indeed attainable. The result? I am now putting my plan into action. Dr. Eddleman inspired me, but she also gave me important tools I can use to move forward."  --Gail F.

     "I am very thankful for Dr. Eddleman. She made me feel welcomed immediately, and she made me feel like my spiritual growth was something that was, indeed, possible. I've been through so much heartache in my life, which made me question God so many times. These situations made me bitter and sad; however, Dr. Eddleman helped me realize that my spirituality wasn't dead. It's growing. It's alive. My spirituality is something that I've become more aware of through her coaching. I am so thankful for her, because she's helped me find, well, me."  --Rachel V.

    "When I first heard about Life Coaching, I doubted its effectiveness. I had too many anxieties and no ability to express them. I felt like a giant mess. Thankfully, my Life Coach surprised me. Dr. Eddleman helped me articulate my insecurities, gave the tools to tackle them, and provided accountability as I moved to meet my goals. In short, she gave me the power to shake off my mental paralysis. I would recommend her services to anyone." --Shelby G.






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