• My husband is a big fan of old Western movies. While he watches I’m usually reading something, but I can’t help overhearing the commercials. And do you know what they are selling? Fear.

    Pay attention! You need a drug for a disease you don’t even know about but probably have. Be sure and ask your doctor.

    Beware! You won’t have enough money to take care of yourself when you’re old.

    Watch out! You are almost certain to be the victim of violence, even in your own home.

    Now, by all means, take the medicine the doctor prescribed you, and if you’ve done your research and believe a reverse mortgage is the way to go, sign the papers. If you think it’s prudent, purchase a Medicare supplement policy. Buy that hidden camera for your living room, too, if it makes you feel happy and secure.

    I’m not saying these things are evil or even unnecessary in some cases. What I’m concerned about is the way we are sold fear at every opportunity. Watch the news and you’ll see that’s what they’re selling, too. The government is nearing collapse, murder is on the rise, you’re likely to get salmonella poisoning from something you just bought at the grocery store, and a hoard of vicious immigrants are after your job and are here to destroy the American Way of Life. Even advertising often sells us the fear that we won’t be successful, attractive, loved, or happy without a particular product.

    Perspective is everything. If we expect to see a fearful world, that’s exactly what we’ll see. We will mistrust our neighbor, stress over conspiracy theories, worry ourselves sick about the future, and then spend all our extra time on webmd reading about our scary symptoms.

    Or, we can believe in the inherent good of humanity, in the beauty of grace, in our strength to live with integrity and meaning no matter what life brings our way. We can wake up expecting to have a good day, grateful for the adventure of life. We can love our amazing bodies and care for them, even if we get sick, even as we age.

    If it’s hard to ignore the apprehension in your mind, decide not to keep buying into fear. Mute the TV during commercials, get down on the floor and do a few stretches, or go to the kitchen for a snack. Decide if you really need to watch the news quite so much. Think about the fear mongering screamer on that podcast you follow and ask yourself, is this good for my soul?

    You are in charge of what you consume. Don’t buy fear.

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    Amen! Excellent advice!! Thanks for reminder 😉