• Many people wander through life confused. They struggle to make decisions. They don’t know what they want. They don’t know what to do. They have no plan for their lives and have no idea where to even begin building a life of meaning. They live in a constant state of overwhelm.

    However, living an authentic life doesn’t have to be quite that hard. It all starts with one basic principle: know your values.

    When you take the time to do self-inquiry and identify what you truly value in life, decisions become much easier to make. If you know that what you truly treasure is quiet time and family, turning down that 80-hour a week power position is a no brainer, no matter how much it pays. If you value integrity, saying no to anything that would cause you to compromise your honor is much easier, even if there seems to be a tempting payoff in the short run. If you long to travel, saving for that bucket-list trip will be more enticing than one more new pair of shoes or another unneeded outfit to shove into an already overstuffed closet. If you truly desire spiritual progress, you’ll make time for the practices that enhance your journey.

    Identifying your values is not hard to do. Surprisingly, we each have only a few core values that would effectively guide our lives if we just took the time to discover what they are and decide to let them be our standard. Internalized values become our trusted guide, the measuring stick by which we evaluate our choices, the inner knowing that makes real authenticity possible.

    Once you are ready to be honest with yourself and honor the truth of what you discover, the clouds of confusion will part. It’s really that simple.