• Stress is epidemic these days. Everyone claims to suffer from it. We blame jobs that take up too much of our lives, chores that wear us down, bills that must be paid. The stress we feel is a constant undercurrent to our days, at best a low-level hum, wearing away at our souls. It drains our energy and steals our joy.

    But what if the cause of stress wasn’t something or somewhere out there? What if, instead, it was inside us?

    Perhaps our stress isn’t caused by all the stuff we have to do, but because we haven’t done the soul work of harmonizing our mind with our heart.

    Our heart knows. It knows why we are here, what our gifts are, what we value in life, what we long to accomplish, what makes us truly come alive. But instead of listening to our heart, we value and follow the dictates of our mind. The problem with this is that, for the most part, our mind has been shaped by forces outside us—what our parents thought we should grow up to be, what culture labels as “success,” what advertisements tell us we should buy, what the media shows us we should look like, what society says our children should be doing and being and having.

    Your mind is a wonderful tool, and it can be under your control. It takes attention, intention, and effort, but you can reprogram it, replacing everything downloaded by default with the programs you value. You can listen to your heart, choose your beliefs, and use your mind to help accomplish the desires of your heart. Then, your life will be and feel more congruent. The stress that comes from ignoring the war between your head and your heart will gradually dissipate as you begin to live from your heart center.

    You are not doomed to a life of stress. You have a choice.